A few weeks ago we were talking about how we wanted to do something fun for the weekend so at the last minute we hopped in the car and headed to Napa for the weekend.  Neither Cody or I had been so it was fun to see.  We didn't have much of an agenda going in so we did things like, hang by the pool, golf, get messages, eat yummy food, and we drove around to check out the cute little towns, etc.
 I just snapped this picture because I thought the presentation was so pretty.  
 After dinner one night we went to the Bouchon bakery.  They are famous for their macaroons.  I was impressed especially because macaroons aren't my favorite.
 This was just a cute street we walked down.
One of the greatest nights ever!
 Lara and I sitting by the pool, my FAVORITE!
 One of the days we visited a winery.  We didn't do a tour or anything but we did hear they are really awesome to do even if you don't drink wine.  Maybe we'll get back their one of these days.  Spending time with Lara and Harv is ALWAYS a good time!


Mike and Kim said...

Meg you guys always do lots of fun things. I hope I can see you when you come to Utah next. Miss you!

Rappleye Family said...

So pretty Meg!

McCall said...

What a life!!