in July....

Like I said previously I have been a terrible blogger but I am determined to catch up especially because in 6 1/2 short weeks my life is going to drastically change.

We were so excited when Matt and McCall planned a trip out to come see us.  It had been a long time coming so we couldn't wait to have them in town!

We picked them up from the airport on Friday and headed straight into the city.  We did a little sight seeing.  Matt had been to San Francisco but it had been a long time and McCall had never been.  So we hit up Fisherman's Wharf for some chowder and fish and chips.  Then we drove around a bit to show them the city.
This picture makes me laugh because Matt couldn't get over how big the seagulls were.  Which is quite hilarious considering they are Utah's State bird!
It was a pretty cloudy day that day.  McCall kept saying that she knew it was going to be cold but it was hard to prepare for a cold day in July when they had just left Utah where it was blazing hot.
 Had to go check out Lombard Street!
The next day we spent the day in Palo Alto.  We went over to Stanford to check out the campus.  We always like to take visitors to our favorite sandwich shop they have on campus.  So good!  Just thinking about it makes me want to eat there!
That night we went to another one of our favorite hot spots in the area.  We knew Matt and McCall would love to eat crab.  And crab we ate.  A lot of it.  All different flavors not to mention we had shrimp and lobster too!  So yummy!
 This was our table after we got done eating.  Looks completely disgusting right?!  hahaha 
 It also explains why Matt was washing his face afterwards.  It literally gets everywhere!  I love it!!!
The next day we went to the Giants game all dressed in our get up!  I love going to those games.  Mainly because I love the stadium so much.
 They fit right in dressed in their Giants shirts!
Me and Matt!
 Me and McCall!
After the game.  Victory!  Go Giants!

Thanks again guys for coming out to see us!  We love having visitors!  Maybe next time you should bring the kiddos!


I feel the need to give a little shout out to our friends who recently moved back home to Utah.  We always knew it would be a matter of time until one of us took the plunge but when it happened I was not prepared and definitely not for it to happen so fast.  They broke the news to us shortly after they got in the car with us to go to dinner one night.  Within the first two minutes of driving like a band aid Harv pronounces the words that even though I knew would only be a matter of time of hearing.  "So guys, guess what?...we are moving back to Utah."  Blah!  Just like I expected I started to cry then it only got worse when they told us they were moving in 2 weeks!  What?!  And it top it off I was going out of town for work the week they planned to pack up and move.

So here are a few pictures of the amazing times we spent with them in our 3 1/2 year friendship in California.  We love you guys!
There you have it!  One day we'll be Utah friends too!  That is if we get to be put in the blender........



I have a lot of catching up to do and I like to keep my blog in numerical order so I'm going to have to date each post individually.

Lake Powell 2012-June 16-23

As always our annual family Lake Powell trip was so fun!  I love being trapped on a house boat for an entire week with my entire (almost) family.  I love how it forces us to bond.  Here are a few pictures from our week.
 One day we caught these 3 little cuties jumping from the top deck to the middle deck of the house boat.  They are so funny.  (Breightlyn, Drake, and Zack)
 Heather, McCall, Lauren, amd I hanging in the boat.  
 Cody always loves when I make him pose for a pic especially straight out of the water.
 This picture of little Breightlyn makes me laugh so hard.
 Lauren, Kate, my dad, McCall, and I trying to take cover from the sun.  It was super hot that day!
 I think I was about 12-13 weeks pregnant here.  It makes me laugh to think about how big I thought I was way back then.  
 Jim, Cody, Matt, and a bunch of the kids cliff jumping.  I think they enjoy it as much, if not more then the kids.
McCall, Kate, Heather, and Sara frying up in the sun!
 We figured out the perfect hang out.  Lounging half in, half out of the water is the way to go!
 Our annual top of the house boat pic!

There you have it!  Until next year!!!



That's right!  After a lot of patience I am SO happy to announce we are having a baby!!!  Yes, you read it correctly, I am due on Christmas Day!  Merry Christmas to us!  ha ha I am exactly 18 weeks along today and we could not be happier!      



A few weeks ago we were talking about how we wanted to do something fun for the weekend so at the last minute we hopped in the car and headed to Napa for the weekend.  Neither Cody or I had been so it was fun to see.  We didn't have much of an agenda going in so we did things like, hang by the pool, golf, get messages, eat yummy food, and we drove around to check out the cute little towns, etc.
 I just snapped this picture because I thought the presentation was so pretty.  
 After dinner one night we went to the Bouchon bakery.  They are famous for their macaroons.  I was impressed especially because macaroons aren't my favorite.
 This was just a cute street we walked down.
One of the greatest nights ever!
 Lara and I sitting by the pool, my FAVORITE!
 One of the days we visited a winery.  We didn't do a tour or anything but we did hear they are really awesome to do even if you don't drink wine.  Maybe we'll get back their one of these days.  Spending time with Lara and Harv is ALWAYS a good time!