I have a lot of catching up to do and I like to keep my blog in numerical order so I'm going to have to date each post individually.

Lake Powell 2012-June 16-23

As always our annual family Lake Powell trip was so fun!  I love being trapped on a house boat for an entire week with my entire (almost) family.  I love how it forces us to bond.  Here are a few pictures from our week.
 One day we caught these 3 little cuties jumping from the top deck to the middle deck of the house boat.  They are so funny.  (Breightlyn, Drake, and Zack)
 Heather, McCall, Lauren, amd I hanging in the boat.  
 Cody always loves when I make him pose for a pic especially straight out of the water.
 This picture of little Breightlyn makes me laugh so hard.
 Lauren, Kate, my dad, McCall, and I trying to take cover from the sun.  It was super hot that day!
 I think I was about 12-13 weeks pregnant here.  It makes me laugh to think about how big I thought I was way back then.  
 Jim, Cody, Matt, and a bunch of the kids cliff jumping.  I think they enjoy it as much, if not more then the kids.
McCall, Kate, Heather, and Sara frying up in the sun!
 We figured out the perfect hang out.  Lounging half in, half out of the water is the way to go!
 Our annual top of the house boat pic!

There you have it!  Until next year!!!


McCall said...

I was hoping you'd post some preggie pictures before you have him/her!
I FREAKING love that black and white swimsuit and you look so cute in it! You just are darling!

Rappleye Family said...

You look so cute!!!!